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Home of the Small Down Payment.

We'll buy your vehicle!

1. Complete some basic information below!

2. We will contact you for an appointment for a quick 20-minute appraisal, and we will make you an offer for your vehicle! You have 7 days to think it over.

3. Want to accept our offer? We'll hand you a check on the spot!

What We'll Buy: Running, driving vehicles with a title or a loan. (Sorry, no untitled vehicles.)

What We Love Most: We really love American, Korean, and Japanese vehicles from the past 5-10 years with 50,000 to 150,000 miles, and a clean title history (meaning without a rebuilt or salvaged title). Those make up the majority of what we sell and are what we are most looking to buy! That means we'll make you an unbeatable offer on them.

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Can I Sell My Car With A Loan Or Lien?

Yes, absolutely! We will appraise your vehicle, give you our estimate, and then help you find your loan payoff amount. You will receive the difference between your bank's payoff and our offer in the form of a check, direct from us, with no waiting.

Why Do You "Pay More"?

We need the absolute best-quality inventory to sell, and we pride ourselves on our reputation. The only way to get this inventory to sell is to buy the best -- and that means we need your great vehicle and are willing to pay up to get it.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

To prepare for your appraisal appointment, please bring anything you would expect to receive with a vehicle that you purchase. That means all keys, the owner's manual if you have it, all floor mats, spare tire, etc. Please also bring your title if you have it, or if you have a loan on the vehicle, make sure you have your login information for your bank so we can help you get your vehicle's payoff information.

How Do I Have Your Team Meet Me At Home Or Work?

As soon as we receive your form, we will use your chosen communication method to set up your appointment with our appraisers. If you prefer to have us meet you at home or work rather than at one of our Easy Auto locations, just let us know and we will schedule accordingly. We will let you know who will come out to appraise the vehicle, and they will arrive with a recognizable Easy Auto-branded rollback...and with a check!

What Does A "Written Offer" Mean?

There are not too many places that buy vehicles directly from the public. Most places where a typical person will try to sell a vehicle themselves is a website like Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, Kelly Blue Book, etc. If you have ever tried this, you will know why it is difficult! Lots of random people making you lowball offers, and sometimes backing out right after you think the deal is done.

That problem gave rise to some dealerships like Carmax and Carvana buying these vehicles direct from the public! They, and us, will provide you with a written offer that is good for a certain number of days and miles while you think about it.

So why Easy Auto? Our competitors are looking for vehicles that are nearly new, meaning when a vehicle is 5-10 years old their offers are much less than you could get for it elsewhere. And that's where we come in! We love good-quality vehicles that are ready for a new life, and we're willing to pay for them.

I Still Don't Get It

That's okay! Most dealers do not buy directly from the public, so we understand why you would have questions! Feel free to call us: 423-380-6511

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