Welcome to the “Easy Reward” Program

A program designed to:

  • Reward our great customers
  • Help you trade-up to a newer car faster
  • Double your Reward Points with Auto Pay

Program Information

1. Easy Auto is pleased to introduce the “Easy Reward” Program to thank and reward great customers who make their payments on time, and especially reward customers who pay on time through AutoPay.

2. Points may be used as a price reduction when you trade up your current vehicle to another Easy Auto vehicle.   

3. Reward Points are earned by making your car note payment on or before its due date

4. The Easy Rewards Program has an effective start date of September 1, 2016.  

5. On-time AutoPay payments earn 10% in “Reward Points”.  That is, if your payment is $105 a week, you will get 10.5 Reward Points (or if $492 a month, you will get 49.2 Reward Points) for every on-time AutoPay payment. 

6. On-time Non-AutoPay payments earn 5% in “Reward Points”.

7. Customers may sign up for AutoPay anytime at SunriseAcceptance.com/www/AutoPay and enjoy double the points for every on-time payment. 

8. Customers that have made both AutoPay and non-AutoPay payments will earn Points based on how each on-time payment was made. 

9. All customers automatically receive 300 Reward Points at the purchase of a vehicle.

10. Because we appreciate all our current customers, this program is retroactive for any account open as of the effective start date of the Program.

11. The maximum amount of Points a customer can accumulate is 1,500.   

12. Reward Points have “No Cash Value”.  They are redeemable only for buying a vehicle at one of our Easy Auto locations.

13. Reward Points are eligible only to be used to reduce the sales price of the vehicle when trading in a vehicle from a current Easy Auto account. Reward Points are not able to be used as Down Payment.   

14. Another reason to Trade with Easy Auto is that return customers almost always qualify for a lower interest rate than first time customers – whether you trade up or not. 

15. Easy Auto will track Rewards Points for all customers and plans to have on-line visibility to Reward Points later this year. You will not receive physical Points to keep up with.

16. A current, valid email address must be on file to participate in the Program, and customers agree for Easy Auto to send them periodic updates on the Program.

17. All vehicle purchases are subject to normal Underwriting practices.   The use of Reward Points is limited to an approved credit application.  

18. Rewards Points only accumulate for the Buyer of the current account.  The contractual Co-Buyer may use Rewards Points from an account only if the Buyer signs over their points to the co-buyer (and the Buyer will not have access to these points) and the Co-Buyer trades in the current vehicle under contract.  Rewards Points are not transferable to anyone other than the contractual Co-Buyer.

19. This Program cannot be combined with other offers.

20. The Easy Reward Program is subject to change or be terminated at any time.

3 Month / 4,500 Mile - Limited Warranty
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